Digital Front Door®

Your patients’ first touchpoint

The moment a patient starts seeking care matters. The Digital Front Door® is your patients’ first stop for convenient, accessible care.

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Digital Front Door® guide

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Learn how to increase patient acquisition, reduce leakage and accelerate revenue generation with this comprehensive guide to Fabric’s Digital Front Door® solution.

Connect with patients before they seek care and enhance acquisition, retention, and revenue with a seamless healthcare enablement solution.

Care starts with a search

Conversational AI

Automate intake

Quickly identify patient needs and route them to ideal care settings, answer questions, or begin symptom collection—all before a provider is involved.

Symptom Checker

Speed care delivery

Automate patient symptom collection, prepare clinical notes for over 1,000 conditions, and route to an appropriate point of care.


Eliminate guesswork

Automatically triage and route patients to the most appropriate point of care, including virtual, in-person primary care, urgent care, and emergency visits.

Drive metrics that matter

Meet patients where they are

From searching symptoms to booking appointments or getting care virtually—patients rely on your Digital Front Door® when making decisions.

Prioritize convenience

Offer a consumer-grade experience and make it easy for patients to find the care they need, when they need it.

Expand access

Enable patients to get diagnoses and treatment plans in minutes for thousands of conditions without disrupting their busy schedules.


patients self-navigate every day


of patients say convenience and access to care are the most important factors in choosing care


of patients say access to care is more important than human interaction

patients and providers interact in-person or virtually
Case Study

Edward Elmhurst Health reports a 3x return on investment in year one with Fabric's AI assistant


Powered by clinical intelligence

Meet Loom, Fabric’s clinical intelligence engine – the expert system, content engine, and conversational AI solution that drives our care enablement platform. Built by clinicians, for clinicians, Loom intelligently captures patient data to identify disposition, triages and routes patients to the right point of care, offers clinical decision support and automates SOAP notes, care plans, and visit summaries.

An end-to-end solution

Allow clinicians and practitioners to effortlessly see patients through the entirety of their healthcare journey. From intake to treatment all the way to follow-up care.

Digital Front Door®

Guide patients toward the care they need while reducing admin tasks and increasing revenue.


Intake, Triage & Routing

Seamlessly give patients the level of care they need and automate processes to save clinical staff time.

Triage & Routing

Hybrid Care

Expand access to medicine and meet patients virtually wherever they are or have their care automatically escalated based on their symptoms.

Clinical Capacity & Automation

Enable clinical staff to see more patients faster and provide quality, efficient medicine across virtual and physical points of care.

Patient Engagement & Pathways

Support and guide patients along their healthcare journey, ensuring satisfaction and making the decision to return an easy one.

Enterprise Features

Securely and seamlessly connect Fabric into your institution’s EMRs and more.

See Fabric in action

Maximize clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction all within one platform.