Case Study
Conversational AI

MLK Community Healthcare reaches more patients with conversational AI

September 11, 2023

MLK Community Healthcare implemented Fabric’s bilingual virtual assistant on the health system’s website homepage and named it “Mia.” Mia engaged with patients via AI chat to screen for COVID-19 symptoms and risk factors, inform vaccine eligibility, answer common COVID-19 questions, and direct patients to the appropriate hospital resources. In addition to Mia, MLKCH also leveraged Fabric’s SMS outreach feature to notify patients on vaccine availability and eligibility.

This virtual assistant offered patients with on-demand, personalized self-service, 24/7/365. Outside of COVID-19 solutions, MLKCH used Fabric’s Digital Front Door®, providing triage and intake appointment requests to reduce call center congestion and improve the patient experience.


Screenings for community members


Completion rate


Of patient engagements were new patient interactions


Of screenings were in Spanish

Gain capacity to care

Maximize clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction.