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Synchronous Care

Implement a virtual care solution that works for everyone. The Fabric Virtual Care Suite leverages intelligent adaptive interviews that gather patient symptoms and automate clinical workflows, making visits 2- to 4-times faster.

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Bring patients & providers closer together on any device

With no additional hoops for providers to jump through, Fabric’s robust video, phone, and chat functionality provides patients with fast high-quality care by increasing clinical capacity while decreasing wait times.  

Escalate to on-demand easily

Start visits asynchronously and step up to video or in-person visits based on business models or patient needs.

Load balance & allocate demand

Balance demand and adjust for seasonal peaks or staffing constraints. Route excess volume across your organization or the Fabric provider network.

Connect on any device, anywhere

Expand access with Fabric’s no-download-required platform that works natively on tablets, cellphones, and computers. Plus, it consumes significantly less data than the standard video visit.

How it works

Increase the number of patients providers can treat, lower clinical work times, and reduce staffing costs with clinically-enabled synchronous visits.

Streamline symptom collection

Reduce visit length to 4-6 minutes—2-4 times faster than standard video visits, by leveraging the power of intelligent adaptive interviews to automate symptom gathering, enabling providers to assess patients faster.

step up to synchronous modes of care to improve care quality

Switch modes of care

Use informed clinical logic, conditions, or reimbursement models to escalate async visits to a mode of care that best suits patients and providers.

provider efficiency by automating work and offering clinical decision support

Automate care plans

Streamline admin tasks and documentation with Fabric’s clinical intelligence, automating patient care plans and sending prescriptions to their preferred pharmacy.

step up to synchronous modes of care to improve care quality
provider efficiency by automating work and offering clinical decision support

Proven results


unique diagnoses treated, including async visits


patient engagements initiated outside of business hours


faster video visits for providers (when using async step ups)


annual revenue per new patient in the first year

"Fabric is a true partner in reshaping our digital patient experience. The combined offering aligns with our organizational priority to consolidate point solutions and create operational efficiencies while expanding access to care for our patients. We are thrilled to continue our partnership with Fabric to reimagine care delivery at OSF using its pioneering hybrid care enablement platform."

Jennifer Junis OSF Healthcare

Jennifer Junis, SVP, Digital Health

OSF Healthcare


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Part of Fabric’s Hybrid Care solution

Seamlessly guide patients through the entire continuum of care while cutting back on admin tasks, improving the patient experience, and driving revenue.

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Virtual Care

Enhance workflows around patient intake, documentation, and symptom collection through powerful automation tools.

Asynchronous Care

Use built-in clinical decision logic and protocols within a patient-driven platform that simplifies workflows, saves time, and guides patients through their healthcare journey.

In-Person Care

Automate intake, registration, discharge, and more with advanced routing and scheduling tools.

In-Person Care Guides

Streamline the patient, nurse, and provider experiences with real-time updates, attachment to PCPs, and automated patient data collection.

reduce provider burnout with workflow automation and assistance

Backed by Clinical Content & Automation

Customize clinical protocols to suit your needs to free up clinical staff and guide patients through their care journey.

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Powered by clinical intelligence

Meet Loom, Fabric’s clinical intelligence engine – the expert system, content engine, and conversational AI solution that drives our care enablement platform. Built by clinicians, for clinicians, Loom intelligently captures patient data to identify disposition, triages and routes patients to the right point of care, offers clinical decision support and automates SOAP notes, care plans, and visit summaries.

An end-to-end solution

Allow clinicians and practitioners to effortlessly see patients through the entirety of their healthcare journey. From intake to treatment all the way to follow-up care.

Digital Front Door®

Guide patients toward the care they need while reducing admin tasks and increasing revenue.


Intake, Triage & Routing

Seamlessly give patients the level of care they need and automate processes to save clinical staff time.

Triage & Routing

Hybrid Care

Expand access to medicine and meet patients virtually wherever they are or have their care automatically escalated based on their symptoms.

Clinical Capacity & Automation

Enable clinical staff to see more patients faster and provide quality, efficient medicine across virtual and physical points of care.

Patient Engagement & Pathways

Support and guide patients along their healthcare journey, ensuring satisfaction and making the decision to return an easy one.

Enterprise Features

Securely and seamlessly connect Fabric into your institution’s EMRs and more.

See Fabric in action

Maximize your clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction all within one platform.