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Care Pathways

Guide patients from visit prep to follow-up care

Increase care plan adherence with automated communications that prepare patients for visits, monitor recovery, reinforce care plans, and keep patients and care teams connected.

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Improve patient outcomes while reducing costs

Fabric’s conversational AI care assistant communicates with low-risk patients pre- and post-visit, supporting them in recovery while helping providers efficiently manage large case numbers.

Reduce staffing costs for outreach

Reduce clinical and administrative staffing for patient outreach by automating up most pre- and post-care check-ins.

Increase patient response rates

Guide patients and connect them to relevant resources, reducing readmissions and emergency room visits.

Drive patient loyalty and retention

Identify patient disposition and acuity level, routing patients who need immediate care to the most appropriate in-person location.

How it works

Direct patients to the appropriate resources, all before an admin or provider is involved.

provider efficiency by automating work and offering clinical decision support

Customize care pathways to meet patient needs

Design customizable pathways for a variety of clinical and administrative use cases, including post-care follow-up, peri-operative patient support, and more.

Enable personalized multi-touch journeys

Connect with patients before and after care to share relevant resources, prepare patients for visits, collect information, and prevent downstream escalation and ED visits.

Support patients pre- & post procedure

Monitor patient progress post-surgery, intervene between follow-up visits, and prevent no-shows. Engage perioperative patients with instructions and education to maximize OR utilization.

automate workflows for providers and support clinical decisions

Improve response rates and patient outcomes

Build trust and improve the patient experience while identifying risks and intervening promptly to minimize preventable readmissions.

Proven results


reduction in readmission rates


cases handled by artificial intelligence


higher patient engagement rates (versus nurse calls)


users rated their experience a 4 of 5 stars or higher

“In a year when resources are scarce, [Fabric] has helped us to keep our providers on the front lines and ensure that patients utilize the appropriate resources.”

Pamela Landis

VP, Digital Engagement, Hackensack Meridian Health


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Part of Fabric’s Patient Engagement & Pathways solution

Lead patients into proactive engagement journeys to increase adherence, decrease readmission rates, and improve clinical outcomes.

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Population Nudges

Engage patients at the right time to improve outcomes and impact operational metrics across points of care and clinical specialties.


Powered by clinical intelligence

Meet Loom, Fabric's clinical intelligence engine. More than just a chatbot, Loom delivers automation that's powered by real human knowledge and expertise that directs patients to the right resources, intelligently captures patient data to identify disposition, offers clinical decision support, and automates SOAP notes, care plans, and visit summaries.

An end-to-end solution

Allow clinicians and practitioners to effortlessly see patients through the entirety of their healthcare journey. From intake to treatment all the way to follow-up care.

Digital Front Door®

Guide patients toward the care they need while reducing admin tasks and increasing revenue.


Intake, Triage & Routing

Seamlessly give patients the level of care they need and automate processes to save clinical staff time.

Triage & Routing

Hybrid Care

Expand access to medicine and meet patients virtually wherever they are or have their care automatically escalated based on their symptoms.

Clinical Capacity & Automation

Enable clinical staff to see more patients faster and provide quality, efficient medicine across virtual and physical points of care.

Patient Engagement & Pathways

Support and guide patients along their healthcare journey, ensuring satisfaction and making the decision to return an easy one.

Enterprise Features

Securely and seamlessly connect Fabric into your institution’s EMRs and more.

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Maximize clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction all within one platform.