Asynchronous Care

Fabric’s industry-leading asynchronous telemedicine solution streamlines care delivery with cutting-edge automation and intelligent adaptive interviews that quickly address patient concerns, reducing wait times by maximizing provider efficiency.

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patient gets care virtually or in-person
Asynchronous Care Guide for virtual and in-person care

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Need more information on asynchronous telehealth? Fabric’s data-rich guide includes everything you need to know about async and its value for patients and providers.

Prioritize access, convenience & efficiency

Work smarter with Fabric’s clinical intelligence engine and adaptive interviews that automate symptom gathering and accelerate diagnosis while triaging and routing patients to in-person care options when appropriate.

Streamline treatment

Save provider time by automating clinical symptom gathering, SOAP notes, and care plans. Fabric’s clinical decision support standardizes processes to ensure quality and antibiotic stewardship.

Prioritize patient & provider time

Enable providers to spend more time with patients who need in-person attention by offloading low-acuity visits to asynchronous telehealth that is 10x faster than video or in-person care.

Increase access

Extend geographic reach and serve patients in rural and disadvantaged populations with an easily accessible solution that doesn’t require high-speed internet access and excels at bit rates that are 86% lower than video.

How it works

So much more than video, Fabric’s async telemedicine platform is smart, adaptive, and efficient.

24/7 patient access

Patients initiate their care in minutes with a consumer-grade experience that’s available 24/7—365 days a year.

clinical symptom gathering to automate triage and routing for care

Clinical symptom gathering

Patients are guided through symptom-specific protocols built by physicians and informaticists and validated by the nearly 20 Chief Medical Officers and MDs that serve on Fabric’s Clinical Quality Advisory Council.

provider experience automation for work and decision support

Efficient provider workflows

Physicians receive a pre-populated SOAP note, and clinical decision support enables diagnosis, treatment, and care plans in just two clicks. This process takes 89 seconds of provider time and reduces patient wait time to under 6.5 minutes.

clinical symptom gathering to automate triage and routing for care
provider experience automation for work and decision support

Proven results


seconds of average clinical work time per visit


adherence to clinical guidelines


minute average patient wait time


patient net promoter score

“I was having major mom guilt. [Fabric] definitely increased time with family. I don’t feel that I have to be behind a computer 24/7. I can put it down. I can go spend time and I know that I’m not going to get so backed up that I feel like I’m drowning.”

Blair Lober, CRNP, Owner



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Read through case studies that reinforce our track record, blogs that reflect our expertise, and guides that inform and complement your experience with Fabric.

Part of Fabric’s Hybrid Care solution

Seamlessly guide patients through the entire continuum of care while cutting back on admin tasks, improving the patient experience, and driving revenue.

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Virtual Care

Enhance workflows around patient intake, documentation, and symptom collection through powerful automation tools.

Synchronous Care

Optimize patient data collection and reduce clinical burden with adaptive interviews, remote patient monitoring, and more.

In-Person Care

Automate intake, registration, discharge, and more with advanced routing and scheduling tools.

In-Person Care Guides

Streamline the patient, nurse, and provider experiences with real-time updates, attachment to PCPs, and automated patient data collection.

reduce provider burnout with workflow automation and assistance

Backed by Clinical Content & Automation

Customize clinical protocols to suit your needs to free up clinical staff and guide patients through their care journey.

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Powered by clinical intelligence

Meet Loom, Fabric’s clinical intelligence engine – the expert system, content engine, and conversational AI solution that drives our care enablement platform. Built by clinicians, for clinicians, Loom intelligently captures patient data to identify disposition, triages and routes patients to the right point of care, offers clinical decision support and automates SOAP notes, care plans, and visit summaries.

An end-to-end solution

Allow clinicians and practitioners to effortlessly see patients through the entirety of their healthcare journey. From intake to treatment all the way to follow-up care.

Digital Front Door®

Guide patients toward the care they need while reducing admin tasks and increasing revenue.


Intake, Triage & Routing

Seamlessly give patients the level of care they need and automate processes to save clinical staff time.

Triage & Routing

Hybrid Care

Expand access to medicine and meet patients virtually wherever they are or have their care automatically escalated based on their symptoms.

Clinical Capacity & Automation

Enable clinical staff to see more patients faster and provide quality, efficient medicine across virtual and physical points of care.

Patient Engagement & Pathways

Support and guide patients along their healthcare journey, ensuring satisfaction and making the decision to return an easy one.

Enterprise Features

Securely and seamlessly connect Fabric into your institution’s EMRs and more.

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Maximize your clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction all within one platform.