Engagement Suite

Welcome patients the moment they search for care and support them well beyond their visit. Fabric’s highly configurable Engagement Suite offers an AI-powered virtual assistant and outreach tools to drive better outcomes for patients and improve your bottom line.

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Simplify patient access & outreach to improve outcomes

The Digital Front Door® is your patients’ first stop for convenient access to care, administrative assistance, answers to questions, and more. Create seamless patient entry points and guide patients to appropriate resources while reducing routine work and maximizing open visit blocks.

Deep EMR integration

Save valuable time with technology that seamlessly complements existing EMRs across virtual and in-person care.

Move from visits to journeys

Digital Front Door®

Simplify access with conversational AI

Offer immediate support to patients and reduce admin and clinical work for staff with a conversational chat assistant on your website, app, or patient portal.

Patient Engagement & Pathways

Guide patients before and after care

Automate patient communications to improve visit preparation, reinforce care plans, and monitor recovery. Intelligent escalations keep patients and care teams connected, ensuring prompt interventions when needed.

Drive metrics that matter

Meet patients where they are

From searching symptoms to booking appointments or getting care virtually—patients rely on your Digital Front Door® when making decisions.

Reduce staffing costs

Reduce clinical and administrative staffing costs by automating outreach and reducing call center volume.

Improve patient outcomes

Intervene early and connect with your patients. Set timely reminders and leverage defined paths to drive wellness visits, preventative screenings, and more.


reduction in call center volume


higher patient engagement rates (versus nurse calls)


reduction in hospital readmission rates

Satisfy patients and improve outcomes

Engage patients at the right time to drive loyalty and improve operational metrics.

Engage patients early and direct them to the right resources

From billing and wayfinding to symptom-checking and point-of-care navigation, Fabric's conversational AI-assisted chat guides patients to the resources they need.

Proactive outreach means better care.

Lead patients into proactive engagement journeys to increase adherence, decrease readmission rates, and improve clinical outcomes. Choose from a variety of predefined or custom communications workflows.

Case Study

How Fabric helped Intermountain Healthcare leverage AI to
reduce call center volume by 30%

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