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Allina Health Partners to Expand Online Care Offering

March 28, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS, March 28, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Allina recently announced the launch of Allina Health Everyday Online, an update to their online diagnosis and treatment service, powered by technology from leading virtual care company Zipnosis. Allina Health Everyday Online complements Allina Health’s Everyday service line, focused on bringing convenient access to patients throughout Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

“Since we already had a virtual care service in place, it was important that this service launch offer opportunities for us to grow our online capabilities,” said Dave Slowinske, Senior Vice President, Allina Health Group Operations. “Having the Zipnosis platform as the technology behind Allina Health Everyday Online means that we can continue to offer exceptional convenience and a high-quality service backed by our healthcare providers, as well as grow and expand our online capabilities.”

Allina Health Everyday Online is able to offer both new and existing patients convenient online care using Zipnosis’ pioneering online patient interview technology. Patients can access the system from their smartphone, tablet or computer and seek care for a variety of common conditions like bladder infections, cold and flu, rashes, or pinkeye – all for a set fee of $45 or their insurance co-pay, whichever is less.

After starting a visit on Allina Health Everyday Online, patients complete a brief interview that gathers symptom and health history information. A trusted, board-certified Allina provider then reviews the information and makes a diagnosis and treatment plan that is automatically sent back to the patient. If medication is appropriate, prescriptions are sent to the customer’s preferred pharmacy for pick-up. Patients can access online visits 24-hours a day, with providers responding within 1 hour between 7am and 11pm, seven days a week.

“Allina focuses on convenience and patient experience with Allina Health Everyday, including online visits, which exemplifies the growing trend toward modern, patient-centric care delivery,” said Jon Pearce, CEO at Zipnosis. “We are proud to be Allina’s chosen partner, and look forward to supporting them with leading edge technology as they seek new ways to deliver care and support their patients.”

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