Case Study
Conversational AI

Intermountain Healthcare leverages AI to reduce call center volume by 30%

June 22, 2021

Over the first few weeks of the deployment, Fabric assisted over 157,000 users on the Intermountain website, an average of about 7,500 users per day. Available 24/7, the Fabric platform acted as a reliable resource for patients to turn to throughout the pandemic’s evolution. As research and public regulations changed, Fabric was a trustworthy resource for the Intermountain community to find answers during COVID.

Fabric’s remarkable usage level decreased the call center traffic by 30% and helped filter out entry-level calls about general COVID-19 symptoms and advice. Intermountain reports that after implementing Fabric, most call center calls have focused on test orders, a process handled explicitly by the call center team. With a narrower scope of inquiries, the call center was more efficient and could prioritize more complex cases.

Fabric’s Digital Front Door® integration into the Intermountain My Health+ app enabled clinical AI patient navigation to the health system’s care endpoints. Providing patients with a tool to guide care decisions creates a high level of trust. For Intermountain, AI care recommendations optimize care utilization and improve resource allocation.


Decrease in call center volume


Daily COVID-19 screenings


Daily My Health+ care navigation engagements


Access to screenings and navigation

Gain capacity to care

Maximize clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction.