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Zipnosis (acq. by Fabric) Appoints Dr. Lisa Ide as New Chief Medical Officer

February 13, 2018

MINNEAPOLIS, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Zipnosis, a virtual care technology leader, today announced Dr. Lisa Ide as the company’s new chief medical officer. Dr. Ide succeeds Dr. Rebecca Hafner-Fogarty, who will continue to serve as Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy.

Dr. Ide joined Zipnosis in 2016 as the company’s Medical Director – a role in which she touched every part of the business. An active member on the Clinical Quality Advisory Council, she works closely with the customer success team to help bring health system voices to the clinical product development conversation and has served as a clinical liaison for the sales team. As chief medical officer, she will be responsible for identifying clinical opportunities, understanding the industry’s pain points and ensuring the Zipnosis platform is meeting customers’ clinical needs.

“Over the past year, Lisa’s contributions to our clinical work, customer relationships and team have been uniformly exceptional,” said Jon Pearce, CEO, Zipnosis. “In 2017, Zipnosis had a great year, and there is significant opportunity for us to continue that momentum with further development of customer-centric solutions that can broaden the adoption of virtual care. With both Dr. Ide and Dr. Hafner-Fogarty’s expertise and industry background, we look forward to their visions impacting the platform’s direction.”

In her new role as Senior Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Dr. Hafner-Fogarty will continue to bring value to Zipnosis and its customer relationships with her substantial experience in telemedicine regulation and the clinical aspects of digital health. She will work closely with Dr. Ide to ensure a seamless transition, as well as play a key role in maintaining Zipnosis’ great momentum.

“Dr. Hafner-Fogarty has been an integral part of Zipnosis’ leadership for the past eight years. More than that, she’s been a pioneer in patient-centered care and a champion for healthcare regulation that creates a positive environment for providers and patients, while enabling technology and innovation to flourish. Her extensive experience in medical regulation has allowed Zipnosis to be at the forefront of the industry’s policy and reimbursement conversations,” said Pearce. “We are fortunate to retain her institutional knowledge, leadership and expertise through this transition.” Read more.

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