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Zipnosis (acq. by Fabric) Launches Patient Outreach to Drive Patient Acquisition

February 23, 2018

February 23, 2018 – Minneapolis, MN – Furthering its mission to enhance innovative access to mainstream medicine, Zipnosis, a leading virtual care company, today announced the release of Patient Outreach, a new product feature that combines technology and workflow to enable health systems to better connect patient care online and in-person.

Patient Outreach works in concert with Zipnosis’ industry-leading online patient interview, which allows patients to seek care wherever they are and enables providers to diagnose and develop a treatment plan in just two minutes. If patients cannot receive care online due to regulatory restrictions, symptom severity, co-morbidities or other factors, the platform provides them with an update that the health system will be in touch to help coordinate next steps and the appropriate level of care delivery. At the same time, the health system’s care team receives a notification to contact the patient and help them schedule an office visit.

By offering patients a platform that allows care to be delivered online and in-person when needed, Zipnosis enables health systems to improve patient acquisition and visit retention, enhancing the platform’s proven ROI. The combination of online convenience and proactive, personal touch from health systems also helps create a positive patient experience.

“Patient acquisition and retention along with providing patients with convenient, quality care are key components to health systems’ overall success,” said Jon Pearce, Zipnosis CEO. “Traditionally, telemedicine care existed in a silo, causing fragmentation and an uneven patient experience. Through Patient Outreach, health systems are able to gain and retain patients by overcoming this fragmentation and connecting the online and in-person experience to effectively support patients in today’s digital world.”

Zipnosis will be showcasing its virtual care technology in booth #10328 at the 2018 Annual HIMSS Conference & Exhibition taking place March 5-9 at the Sands Expo in Las Vegas, NV.

About Zipnosis

Zipnosis offers health systems a leading virtual care platform that pairs traditional telemedicine with next-generation online virtual care tools to drive exceptional clinical quality, significant clinical efficiency and durable financial returns. A trusted innovator in the industry, Zipnosis pioneered online adaptive interview technology, which is built on a foundation of clinical best practice guidelines. This smart alternative to traditional telemedicine allows providers to diagnose and develop a treatment plan for patients in just two minutes. With Zipnosis’ unique platform approach to virtual care, patients can be treated through the online adaptive interview, video and phone technology, or when appropriate, referred to in-person care via the platform’s advanced routing capabilities. Based in Minneapolis, MN, Zipnosis helps health systems keep pace with the changing demands of healthcare consumers.

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