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GYANT (acq. by Fabric) Offers CARES Act Support for Customers

April 23, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO (April 23, 2020)–(BUSINESS WIRE) – GYANT, the patient connection and relationship management company, today announced a program to support hospitals and health systems as they apply for funds under the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. GYANT is helping customers understand what the CARES Act means for them, the application criteria, process and more, in order to boost their chances of securing funding.

Under the CARES Act, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has earmarked $200 million to support hospitals’ efforts to adopt telecommunications and virtual care to help manage the strain on hospitals nationwide and encourage patients to seek care from their homes versus a physical care setting. The CARES Act support is available to GYANT customers (and prospective customers) implementing the company’s telehealth solution, which offers patients chat-based patient engagement and direct transfer to a virtual care provider for evaluation. GYANT customers will be able to access professional federally-certified grant management specialists to manage the grant submission process.

“Our country’s healthcare system is navigating an unprecedented time. People are fearful and seeking information and care yet instructed to stay in their homes. Telemedicine options must step in and fill this gap,” said Stefan Behrens, CEO of GYANT. “Patient education and virtual care tools are imperative in combatting the spread of this global virus and reduce strain on hospitals and health systems. Helping our customers understand what the CARES Act will mean for their day-to-day operations, staff and the patients they serve during this time is a priority for GYANT as we continue to do our part in managing this global health crisis.”

The value and impact of virtual care have been realized as the technology that can make a tremendous impact on managing the spread of COVID-19. GYANT’s COVID-19 Screener and Emergency Response Solution (COVID-19 SERA) has been adopted by multiple hospitals and health systems, including Intermountain Healthcare and OSF Healthcare. At Intermountain, the tool has engaged more than 157,000 patients about COVID-19 with a 93% screening completion rate, reducing call center volume by 30%. Additionally, OSF HealthCare experienced 14,000 interactions with the COVID-19 solution in its first two days of deployment, and 85% of patients reported a positive experience. Blue Shield of California is also offering the COVID-19 solution to in-network hospitals to manage patient volumes and efficiently connect with patients virtually.

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Fabric is a health tech company that powers healthcare providers to move faster, work smarter, and deliver better care through its care enablement system. The system offers three solutions: In-Person Care Suite, Virtual Care Suite, and Engagement Suite. Leveraging conversational AI and intelligent adaptive interviews, Fabric unifies virtual and in-person care across intake, triage, routing, and treatment while automating workflows for staff. Built by a team of physicians and clinical informaticists, Fabric protocols uphold excellence in care quality while offering omnichannel access for patients. The results enable clinicians to work 2-10 times faster (dependent on setting), decrease call center volume by 15%, and increase utilization of unfilled visit blocks. Some of Fabric’s customers include Luminis Health, OSF HealthCare, MUSC Health, and Intermountain. Fabric is backed by Thrive Capital, GV (Google Ventures), Salesforce Ventures, Vast Ventures, BoxGroup, and Atento Capital.

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