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GYANT (acq. by Fabric) Launches Digital Front Door® Virtual Assistant with Marshfield Clinic Health System

March 16, 2023

GYANT’s Front Door virtual assistant has been launched with Marshfield Clinic Health System, introducing the tool on its website and mobile application, my Marshfield Clinic. GYANT and Marshfield continue to augment patient support services beyond the contact center to help patients in a convenient, timely, and digital manner. GYANT Front Door meets changing consumer expectations for on-demand support and addresses the workforce strain across the healthcare industry.

Marshfield’s new GYANT assistant is now helping patients check symptoms, find clinics or doctors within the health system, and book care. The deployment includes some of GYANT’s unique offerings: collapsed widget features that enable the assistant to make helpful suggestions for the web visitor before the chat is ever opened; and the AI-enhanced symptom checker utilizes pediatric triage protocols in addition to adult.

Marshfield’s new assistant is available to patients at any time on the hospital system’s website here and on the my Marshfield Clinic App for iOS and Android.

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