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GYANT's (acq. by Fabric) COVID-19 Screener and Emergency Response Assistant Demonstrates Measurable Impact for 250K Patients Across 16 Health Systems and Payers

June 23, 2020

SAN FRANCISCO (May 13, 2020) BUSINESS WIRE – Due to unprecedented demands placed on health systems amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, GYANT (acq. by Fabric), the healthcare virtual assistant company, today announced new customers and deployments as well as recent success of its COVID-19 Screener & Emergency Response Assistant (COVID-19 SERA) solution. Rapidly developed in March to help health systems offer accessible COVID-19 screening and care navigation support, the tool has been deployed by 16 health systems and payers thus far, including Intermountain Healthcare, Adventist Health, Edward-Elmhurst Health, Hackensack Meridian Health, OSF Healthcare, and Blue Shield of California.

This AI-powered healthcare virtual assistant, currently available to over 300 hospitals across all clients, helps overloaded health systems efficiently engage with and care for patients despite an unprecedented strain on resources. Customized for each deployment, GYANT’s COVID-19 SERA tool engaged with more than 250,000 patients and conducted over 210,000 screenings in the first 30 days. Intermountain Healthcare, an early adopter and co-developer of its deployment of the automated triage tool, processes an average of 5,000 daily screenings, with a high of 23,000 screenings in a single day. The system has seen a 50 percent decrease in call center volume, alleviating capacity constraints and streamlining critical patient-clinician communication.

The COVID-19 SERA virtual assistant is both quickly and easily deployed to any website in under 48 hours, providing patients with curated educational content on the coronavirus and a virtual screening option to help assess their risk via chat in less than three minutes. At-risk patients are automatically routed to the appropriate care endpoint, including telehealth, nurseline or physical facilities for testing and treatment, which are configurable for each hospital and require no IT or electronic medical record (EMR) integration.

“AI-enabled virtual assistants have long stood to create efficiencies in healthcare and drive more meaningful patient engagement, but never before has there been a stronger need for virtual care than now as we combat this public health crisis,” said Stefan Behrens, CEO and co-founder of GYANT. “The success we’ve seen from providers embracing new tools during this pandemic underlines the value of deploying virtual care at scale and offers further evidence that these tools are here to stay. The future of healthcare is forever changed by today’s effective use of technology, and we’re honored to play a pivotal role in both the immediate response to COVID-19 and this broader industry shift.”

Another core component of the COVID-19 SERA is patient education, providing all users with accurate information and answering the most common COVID-19-related questions. Hackensack Meridian Health has seen a tremendous patient education rate; 42 percent of the tool’s users leverage the tool for its educational information and FAQ responses about COVID-19, such as asking about the symptoms and how to stay safe.

The COVID-19 SERA tool is continuously updated based on guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. For more information, write to the GYANT team at

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