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Zipnosis (acq. by Fabric) announces employer COVID-19 testing solution

June 15, 2020

MINNEAPOLIS (PRWEB) JUNE 15, 2020 - Zipnosis, leading telemedicine innovator since 2009, announced today a new, end-to-end return to work solution: ZipCheck. ZipCheck manages the ongoing COVID-19 screening, testing, treatment, and population management for employers looking to continue operations while mitigating risk and protecting their employees’ and customers’ safety.

Through ZipCheck, Zipnosis manages the complexities of healthcare behind the scenes so employers don’t have to. Like all Zipnosis products, ZipCheck is HIPAA Compliant, HITRUST certified, and built on best practice clinical guidelines and evolving recommendations from the CDC.

The employee screening and testing experience is accessible and seamless. There is no app download required, and both employers and employees can access the platform from any device with internet connection. Employees simply complete a COVID-19 screener on a regular cadence to check for symptoms and risk factors. From there, answers are carefully reviewed by certified providers. If appropriate based on their screening responses, the employee is cleared to work. Otherwise, an at-home COVID-19 test kit will be ordered and delivered to their front door via overnight shipping. ZipCheck offers both diagnostic and antibody tests for COVID-19.

“The reality is that until vaccination or herd immunity is reached, people are still at risk of contracting COVID-19,” said Dr. Lisa Ide, Chief Medical Officer at Zipnosis. “That’s why we felt it was critical to offer a solution to employers across the country that is built on a strong clinical foundation so they can keep their employees safe and mitigate the risk of spread.”

With the ZipCheck dashboard, employers can access insights into their employee populations’ health in real-time. The platform showcases how many employees are symptomatic and staying home and those who are ready to return to work each day. It is also customizable to employers’ unique HR policies and guidelines, helping employers make informed decisions and build trust with not only their employees, but customers.

“As employers strive to return to business they need to keep their teams and customers safe–while mitigating legal risk. Our platform is flexible, scalable, HIPAA compliant, and built on strong clinical content. Frankly, we felt an obligation to use the technology and healthcare expertise we’ve built over 10 years to help Americans safely return to work, which is how ZipCheck was born,” said Jon Pearce, Zipnosis CEO.

About Zipnosis
Zipnosis is the white-label virtual care platform powering the virtual triage and visits of 51 large health systems across the country. The platform is powered by technology that’s built on best practice clinical guidelines and real-time, localized information. Zipnosis offers device-agnostic virtual care aimed at providing both patients and employees greater convenience and efficiency when accessing care. All while helping boost the bottom line for health systems, and providing a simpler way for employers to manage their employee population’s health.

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