Team-building, social distance style

July 23, 2020

Team-building, social distance style

A few weeks ago, the Fabric team took to the outdoors for our first in-person gathering since the initial outbreak of COVID-19. We celebrated our reunion with a picnic and bags tournament at Boom Island Park in Minneapolis (with masks, gloves, and social distancing, of course). 

It’s been months since most of us connected in-person, and it was the first time most of our newer hires met the team face(mask)-to-face(mask) at all. The Fabric culture and community is something we take pride in. From the office dogs, to nerf-wars, to Chipotle and champagne–we work hard, so we can play hard, too. We even have a FITO (“Fun In The Office”) committee dedicated to employee experience and events.

Interacting and collaborating in-person with my colleagues is something that just can’t be replicated at home, so getting together for an afternoon was the charge my battery needed. We can all relate to some of the undeniable benefits working from home has to offer (I know I’m not missing that rush hour traffic)—but nothing beats some good food, good company, and a little friendly competition. For those keeping track at home, I may not have won the bags tournament this year but don’t count me out in the future. 

Love a little friendly competition or just interested in joining the Fabric team? Check out our job openings here.

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