Pets & Gadgets—Woof

June 26, 2019

Pets & Gadgets—Woof

In my latest vlog post I break down what tech giants like Amazon and Google are doing in healthcare. The answer? It might be different than you think.

So, what’s a “pet”? Anything like Alexa—connected to the internet, easily accessible by the family, and offers benefits for all. Watching my son interact with one of these devices has me wondering: how will Google and Amazon use these pts to redefine how people think about accessing healthcare using technology?


Asynchronous Care

Asynchronous Telemedicine Guide + COVID-19: The Largest Case Study on Async

When we built this guide, we set out to create a single comprehensive resource for everything healthcare professionals will ever need to know about asynchronous telemedicine. It’s 29 pages of pure data, research, and the largest case study ever conducted on async. 

Case Study

Gain capacity to care

Maximize clinical capacity, reduce administrative burden, expand access, and increase patient satisfaction.