Let’s celebrate our customers

September 9, 2020

Let’s celebrate our customers

At Fabric, September brings a time of celebration, as it’s the month we host our annual Customer Summit. Coming together and recognizing our health system partners and sharing their success is especially meaningful this year. It’s an extraordinary time in health care, and we want to commemorate our partners on the front line of care delivery. 

We’ll miss being together in person this year—connecting, sharing and honoring the work our health system partners do each and every day. But, we’re in the business of being virtual, afterall. So we won’t let our circumstances stop our celebration. 

This year, we’ve put together a three-part webinar series for our customers. We’ll be kicking things off with a keynote presentation from Cris Ross, CIO of Mayo Clinic and Fabric former board member. We’ll also be showcasing two of our health system partners, MultiCare and Prevea, and the wonderful work they are doing around claims enablement, service line expansion (including behavioral health), and EMR integration. Adding in discussions around recouping revenue, engaging patients, and the Fabric roadmap ahead—we’ve got a lot to cover and we’re excited to come together for the webinar series. 

The intersection of healthcare and technology has never been more important. Behind our technology is a group of talented people working tirelessly to help our health system partners achieve successful adoption and expansion of their Fabric platform. The Customer Summit, or the Customer Summit Webinar Series as it exists in 2020, is our opportunity to highlight the successes we’ve had with each partner, while looking ahead with anticipation to the rest of the year and into 2021. 

We are stronger and better when we come together to share ideas, successes and opportunities. To our health system partners, thank you for putting your trust in Fabric to deliver care to patients in your communities. We’re excited to celebrate you and look forward to “seeing” you soon.


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