Reimagining Healthcare: 3 Key Takeaways from HIMSS22

March 24, 2022

Reimagining Healthcare: 3 Key Takeaways from HIMSS22

HIMSS22 was an exciting show with a bold theme: Reimagining Healthcare. That theme set the tone for the week, sparking forward-thinking conversations with visitors from across the globe. Are you curious about what we discussed? Here are the top three questions that kept popping up.

“How can we partner with you?”

This was an exciting question, and we heard it from health systems, D2C apps, lab organizations, EHRs, and pharmaceutical companies. Our industry is pivoting fast, and this question underscores that point. In prior years, virtual care was viewed as a supplementary technology versus a solution to innovation and strategy challenges. The following are questions that we heard from diverse types of organizations:

  • Major EHRs: Can we white label your solution and embed it in our platform?
  • Home labs: Can we connect the provider marketplace to our customers that need providers?
  • Lab companies: Can our customers use async to prescribe in person or home labs?
  • Health systems: Can we serve as part of your network to treat patients and garner referrals?

In short, “yes.” This is the power of Fabric

“Do you offer flexibility in virtual care coverage?”

You want a solution that meets your organization’s unique needs—not a cookie-cutter approach. We are proud to share that our provider network enables organizations to choose how they utilize the network’s resources.

  • Can we outsource everything to the Fabric provider network?
  • Can we use your platform without marketplace providers?
  • Can we divert to Fabric providers during high demand or after hours?

The answer to all the above is “yes,” and the cost is significantly lower because we drive efficiency through our asynchronous-first approach.

“How can virtual care impact efficiency? We don’t care about acquisition.”

Surprisingly, this is a common statement, but if you solve efficiency challenges, you can start addressing how you can dedicate resources to acquisition and access. The answer requires looking beyond video. Our flavor of asynchronous care uses intelligent adaptive interviews to ask all the questions that a provider would ask during a visit. Our technology sends those answers to the provider in a simple soap note that takes seconds to review. If staffing and provider burnout are a concern, then Zipnosis is your answer.

Side note: Zipnosis is more efficient than anything you can do in your EHR, and our integrations ensure all information makes it back to the EHR. EMR fans are lifting the veil to see the value of our ever-evolving protocols and efficiency that they cannot squeeze out of their EHR.

If you’d like to dive deeper into any of these topics or if you have a question we didn’t address in this blog, reach out. Healthcare is broken. Let’s build a better way together.


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