About Fabric

January 31, 2024

About Fabric

We are the care enablement system powering healthcare to move faster, work smarter, and deliver better care. 

Fabric is a health tech company that powers healthcare to move faster, work smarter, and deliver better care through its care enablement system. Leveraging conversational AI and intelligent adaptive interviews, Fabric unifies virtual and in-person care across intake, triage, routing, and treatment while automating workflows for staff. Built on clinical guidelines by a team of clinicians, Fabric’s clinical intelligence engine upholds excellence in care quality while offering omnichannel access for patients. The results include enabling clinicians to work 2-10 times faster (dependent on setting), decreasing call center volume by 15%, and increasing utilization of unfilled visit blocks. 

The Engagement Suite

The In-Person Care Suite

The Virtual Care Suite

Fabric is mission-driven and results-oriented. 

We believe wholly in our vision for care for everyone, everywhere, and work diligently to overcome the significant challenges in delivering affordable, high-quality care. Our team is inspired by the complexity of these challenges and relies on our colleagues and our customers to deliver better patient outcomes while easing the administrative workload for providers. 

Our team is distributed and remote-first. 

Fabric is a remote-first, distributed team. While headquartered in New York, Fabric has hubs in Minneapolis, Austin, San Francisco, Denver, and Portugal. We’re always looking for the best talent and consider all applicants regardless of location. 

We embrace the benefits of in-person collaboration as well, and teams around the country gather for volunteering events, meet and greets, and most notably for our most recent all-company offsite in November, 2023. 

We’ve grown rapidly since 2021. 

Because tackling healthcare’s greatest challenges, particularly clinical capacity, requires a multifaceted approach, Fabric (formerly known as Florence) acquired Zipnosis, the leader in asynchronous virtual care, in April 2023. In January 2024, Fabric acquired GYANT, the leader in healthcare conversational AI, which expanded our Digital Front Door® capabilities by automating patient navigation and scheduling to improve access and maximize existing clinical capacity.

We stand by our values. 

Our values aren’t just our shared beliefs. They guide the choices we make, the actions we take, and the mindset we bring to our work. 

Fabric is backed by leading investors. 

Fabric has 70 healthcare systems on its platform and is backed by $20 million in funding from Google Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Thrive Capital, Box Group, Vast Ventures, and Atento Capital. Since coming out of stealth in the last year, Fabric has accelerated from zero to 8 figures in ARR. 



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